Sawinggrai Learning Center

Sawinggrai Learning Center (Rumah Belajar Sawinggrai) is an educational community space for learners and teacher volunteers to conduct classes or do projects. This learning space was started by Jonas Muller, a volunteer from Switzerland who has fallen in love with Raja Ampat.

Sawinggrai English Effort volunteers can use this space anytime. Talk to Kristian or Jonas about your plan. The learning center is just next to Mandarin Homestay’s kitchen, and it can hold up to 15 adults. The equipment available here includes:

  • A projector
  • A laptop
  • A big whiteboard
  • Small whiteboards
  • Color pens
  • Books both in English and in Indonesian include:
  1. How to read and write for kids
  2. General knowledge: atlas, world facts
  3. Math books
  4. Test preparation
  5. Drawing books
  6. Story books
  7. Marine education

Our local coordinator Kristian and Jonas, the administrator of Sawinggrai Learning Center, will help you organize your classes and projects.