Akes Sauyai

P_20151217_173027My names is Akes Sauyai. I am 23 years old. I was born in Sawinggrai, and have lived here all my life. I was away for high school and university. I went to high school in Waisai and University in Sorong. However, I always came back to Sawinggrai during school holidays.

I live in the village with my mother, 2 brothers, and four nieces. The nieces are the daughters of my sister Liliana who died two years ago. Another brother and sister live with us during the school holidays. Most of the time they live in Wasai, where they go to school.

Our family has a garden up in the hills. I like to work there.

My brother Kris and I run Mandarin Homestay. We have guests from all over the world. Kris and I are also the coordinators of the Sawinggrai English Effort.

We help volunteers to organize their activities. Talking with guests helps us improve our English. Every time you talk to me, I learn a little more.

I like to play volleyball. Every August, a team from Sawinggrai goes to another island for a volleyball competition with teams from many other villages in Raja Ampat. For a whole week, we play volleyball. It is a lot of fun.

I also like to play my guitar. I taught myself how to play by practicing again and again. Now I hope I can learn English by practicing English again and again with guests.

I have dreams for the future. I hope to go back to University next year to learn how to be a mathematics teacher. I want to be a school teacher. And one day I would like to get married to my girlfriend May.