Kristian Sauyai

20160104_165930My name is Kristian Sauyai. People call me Kris. My brother Akes and I are coordinators of the Sawinggrai English Effort. We want to help you meet with people in our village to help them learn English.
I am 30 years old. I have four brothers and two sisters. I am the oldest. My brothers’ are Birex, Akes, Siel, and Yakob. My sister’s name is Merlin.

Our other sister, Liliana, died two years ago after giving birth. She left four daughters Riska, Delpia, Paska, and Siska.

Now I have a big family living in my small house: my mother Tabita, my brothers Birex, Akes, and Yakob, and my four nieces Rika, Delpia, Pasca, and Siska. Merlin and Siel go to school in Waisai so they live in Waisai during the school year. During the holidays, they come home and live with us.

My family is building a ho
mestay called Mandarin homestay. My brother Akes and I manage this homestay, and we use our homestay as the headquarters of the Sawinggrai English Effort. We will use the money from our homestay to pay school tuition. Six of our family members are still in school, and Akes wants to go back to University when he can. University costs a lot of money!

I am trying hard to learn English. Every day, I try to spend an hour listening to recorded lessons in English. And I talk to visitors whenever I can. I know that every time I talk to someone in English, my English gets a little better.

When I have time, I like to go fishing. And I like to play volleyball in Kapisawar in the afternoon. I also like reading motivational books and writing.